We translate texts in the following fields:

  • IT, localization,
  • business, marketing
  • humanities, social science, art,
  • epidemiology, statistics,
  • other, to order,

in the following language pairs:

  • EN-PL,
  • DE-PL,
  • RU-PL,
  • other, to order.


Our verifiers check the equivalence of each translated text.


Next, the syntax, consistency, and flow of the translation are examined.


In the end, the translated text is scanned for minor aspects of language correctness.

Editing and proofreading of the source text

If required, we also provide the editing and proofreading of the source text.

Should it be needed, the stages of translation described above can be done in cycles, especially when it is necessary to consult the author about particular aspects of the text, the author's stylistic preferences, etc. – until the desired effect is achieved.


the translation has been done professionally, with great knowledge about the subject matter, and attention to detail

Pogodno Community Council

on time, professionally, and with expertise on the topic

AikiNet interactive agency

excellent knowledge of both nuances and set translation practices which are indispensible attributes of a scientific publication